About Us
Novacab’s mission is to provide our clients with premier, innovative and green technologies.  Our outstanding team, staffed by skilled, attentive and efficient people, is thriving to develop and manufacture smart energy storage technologies that can benefit to industrial processes, buildings, and vehicles. 

With our office in Montreal, Québec and offices in the U.S. soon, the company aims to offer clean technologies that help our clients to substantially reduce energy consumption peak loads and greenhouse gases emissions.

Now that we have a firm foothold on our top-notch technologies, we are ready to expand our reach even further. We hope, in the very near future that the name Novacab will lay claim to top-of-mind recall among energy solutions!
Meet the Team
  1. Stephane Bilodeau
    Stephane Bilodeau
    Founder & Chairman
  2. Michael Carty
    Michael Carty
    President & CEO
  3. Chris Mashburn
    Chris Mashburn
    Executive VP & General Manager
  4. Ross Quick
    Ross Quick
    Chief Sales Officer
  5. James "Pitch" Pitchford
    James "Pitch" Pitchford
    Project Manager & Government Liaison
  1. Scott Mazin
    Scott Mazin
    Business Development
  2. Dave Waldmann
    Dave Waldmann
    Business Development Northeast USA Division
  3. Art Vatsky, P.E.
    Art Vatsky, P.E.
    Lead Engineer Northeast USA Division
  4. Jason Evans
    Jason Evans
    Information Services Manager
  5. Anna-Marie Gable
    Anna-Marie Gable
    Marketing Manager