Industry Applications
By specializing in technology solutions for energy storage and advanced thermodynamics, our goal is to provide our clients from the transportation and building sector with premier, innovative and green technologies.

Building Sector

For industrial uses, buildings, and energy production, Thermal Energy Storage Solution(TESS) is smart thermal storage that can be integrated to buildings and industrial processes.

HTEES is a hybrid approach that integrates both Electric Energy Storage (EES) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES). Both TESS and HTEES are industrial systems that improve the performance of cooling systems (which usually use a great amount of energy and produces pollution).

These technologies are the answer to more than just the need for cost savings. Because of the ability to provide large storage capacity and improved process control, they also do what is needed for optimal operating conditions by using the free energy that would otherwise be wasted (Solar energy, exhaust heat, free cooling, etc.).
The cooling systems (chillers/cooling towers, DES) are the largest consumers of power to data centers. In many cases, this consumption is also the most inefficient.

The chiller plant is often over-provisioned for redundancy, resulting in partially loaded equipment and energy inefficiencies.
A Data Center Operating with HTEES
A HTEES device is installed between the chillers and the data center. Chillers can be run at optimal utilization for highest efficiency.

Charged” during off-peak hours, when temperatures are more favorable and the grid use is most effective.

Discharged” during on-peaks hours when it can absorb transient increases in data center cooling load, avoiding startup of additional chillers, reducing the load on the grid.
Transportation Sector
TES/M is a thermal storage system for vehicles that heats, cools, and dehumidifies, without using the thermal engine, vehicle cabs (especially sleeper-cabs for long haul trucks or for electric vehicles). This product allows a return on the investment after about 1.5 years and facilitates the reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

Return on Investment

The energy recuperation and storage of the TESS and HTEES allow users to get a fast return on their investment by saving on energy usage. The simplicity of the installation and maintenance insures considerable economic savings. 

Refining the Innovation

During the first half of our 20 year story line, our endeavor was initially dedicated to development of thermodynamic control and energy storage technology for the transportation industry. Since then, we have implemented numerous technologies, tested different integration approaches, and refined the product availability and performance to include buildings and more elaborate applications.