Innovation to
​Change a Paradigm
Electrochemical Energy Storage (EES) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) are not dependent or related. They are competing technologies that should work together!

The Smart Integration of EES and TES makes a huge difference to optimize energy efficiency, while working on load leveling.

Synthetic Phase Change Material
for Hybrid Energy Storage

HTEES, the “Hybrid” Integration of EES & TES with Synthetic Phase Change Material (SPCM) is allowing for improvement and stability in the operation, plus Demand-Side Management, Stability, Predictability.

Our SPCM was developed and patented by our engineers over 20 years ago, and is a high density energy accumulator.

HTEES allows for existing equipment to run more efficiently, for heat/cold production offsets with respect to power demand and equipment to be turned off for periods of time.

Phase Change Material
Ushering in the next generation of thermal energy storage by innovation of industry transforming ​phase change material technology.
Synthetic Phase Change Material is robust and easy to operate.  It's unlike water or eutectic salt; it has a small negative expansion factor in the solid phase, which results in negligible stress on components.

It is very low maintenance with a long useful life. SPCM operates in conditions from -40ºF to +250ºF and has a life span of up to 15,000 cycles.

SPCM is a mixture of inert materials that is non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is environmentally safe and all ingredients are listed on the EPA TSCA inventory.